Design and Styling, Bourbon and Blush Events is a Wedding Planning and Design company in Tampa, Florida.


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Design is something that is as unique and personal as you. I understand and LOVE that about the process!! Telling your story and capturing who you are as a couple is what gets my heart racing and my imagination flowing with ideas!  With your guidance, I will design and style your day to create the unique, timeless and breathtaking moments you will swoon over time and time again. There is no event too large or small. I would love to help you style any and every personal touch along the way; from your engagement session to the rehearsal dinner or a relaxing Spa day complete with Champagne & Brunch for your closest girls!
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Bourbon and Blush offers an array of options, all of which will be certain to enhance your event and bring it to life! We currently offer two packages. One is a budget friendly way to customize your event and bring character to your story. This package begins at $800 and includes design and styling for specific areas such as Theme Development, Rental Coordination, or Cocktail hour/Bar. These are a few examples and not limited in any capacity. Whatever you dreams, we will surely make them happen.
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Our Full Styling Design is completely customized. We handle everything from budgeting to rental and purchasing coordination. Then we bring it all together through perfect planning and execute everything on the day of the event!  This design package is the perfect combination for the bride who has her heart set on those weddings we all dream about; full of floral and customized detail, incredible lighting, the perfect place settings and linens. This package begins at $2,500.  Please contact us for more details or to Become a Blush Bride!

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                                   Design and Styling. Bourbon and Blush Events is a Full Service Wedding Planning Company in Tampa, Florida Design and Styling by Bourbon and Blush Events, a wedding planning and design company in Tampa Floridagplann